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A phlebotomy technician is a specialist who draws blood from patients for testing purposes. They can work in federal or state hospitals as well as private practices and laboratories. Although this profession is usually considered as an entry level to other medical careerssuch as nursing or even a medical doctor, many phlebotomist find satisfaction is this specialization.

Even though many phlebotomy schools in California don’t require interested candidates to have perfect grades, experts recommend that you pay attention to your high school GPA or its equivalent of a GED. In addition to that, you must be above the age of 18 years in order to apply to an approved phlebotomy training program in California.

This program is usually short term (takes less than one year) and it equips interested candidates with basic skills such as drawing blood in a number of ways, lab safety and using different techniques and equipment. Unlike most other states, California only allows phlebotomists to practice if they have been certified by a recognized institution.

Once you have you made the important decision of becoming a phlebotomist and are looking for the best phlebotomy schools in California, then the process of choosing which training program best fits your needs begins. There is a lot of information online, but don’t always believe everything you read. Finding an unbiased site that gives general advice is best, such as https://www.aamc.org/cim

1. Choosing an area of expertise

You’ll want to begin your exploration of options in the healthcare industry by reading a typical job description for the field of study you are interested in. Some key points to make note of are the salary, training requirements, and workforce information. A certified phlebotomist makes an average of $30,000 in California.

2. Finding the training program that suits your needs

Examining your interests and values will be beneficial in feeling satisfied with your choice. Considering your personality and aptitudes are key to a long, happy career. This will help you find your preferred patient type, job location, colleagues, as well as daily tasks. Discovering what type of clinical training and job placement a school offers will also be paramount for moving into your ideal job.

3. Making the final decision

After gathering all of the information possible, then you can seriously analyze your best options. When you combine your career goals with your personal characteristics, you will be able to maximize your learning for the most positive outcome.  For some, a Medical College is the answer, but for others, a Vocational School is the key.

If you are considering the latter, the experts at Tri Med Training Institute are ready to help you reach your goals of entering the medical industry. Call them today at 844-868-2449 for more information.